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The Soundman only uses the best!

Our Gear

The SoundMan is dedicated to providing clients with industry-leading sound reinforcement equipment from top manufacturers such as QSC, JBL, Crown, Electro-Voice, Newmark, Chauvet, Carvin, Sling Studios and Shure. The best equipment gets the best results!

premium equipment

We here at The SoundMan realize your event is important and with that in mind only the best quality equipment is employed by our business. Even if we don't have a certain piece of equipment that you might need to complete your event, we will track it down and get it for you! Remember, we work for you...and we will do everything possible to make your event or special day a memorable one!

Mixing Consoles

(1) Yamaha MG32FX 32 Channel Mixing Board
(2) CarvinC3248 32 Channel Mixing Board
(2) Yamaha EM Series 500w 8 Channel Mixing Board
(1) QSC 30 Channel Touch Mix
(2) QSC Touch Mix Digital Mixers
(1) Carvin 32 Channel - 6 Monitor Send Mixing Board

Power Amps

(1) Crown 3000w Power Tech Amp
(2) QSC 1400 Power Amps
(2) Crown CE 1000 Power Amps
(1) Crown CE 2000 Power Amps
(2) Peavey CS800 Power Amps
(1) Peavey CS400 Power Amp

Speakers - Subs

(16) JBL JRX 3 Way Speaker Cabinets
(12) QSC K12 1000w Speakers
(10) QSC KW181 1000x 18 inch Sub Woofers
(4) JBL 726 2 Way Speaker Cabinets
(2) Cerwin Vega 15 inch 2 Way Speaker Cabinets
(2) JBL M Series Dual 18 inch Speaker Cabinets
(2) Peavey TS Series 15 inch 2 way Speaker Cabinets
(6) QSC KKLA12 Line Array Speakers
(8) QSC KW152 1000w 15 inch Speakers


(16) Mackie 12 inch 1000w Monitors
(6) JBL JRX Monitor Speaker Cabinets
(2) Yamaha 12 inch Monitor Cabinets


(10) Beta SM58 Microphones
(10) SM58 Microphones
(4) EV767 Microphones
(4) Cordless Beta58 Microphones
(2) Cordless SM87 Microphones
(2) Cordless SM58 Microphones
(6) GLS Series SM58 Microphones
(1) SM91 Bass Drum Mic
(1) Shure 6 Piece Drum Mic Kit
(2) Sienhauser Condenser Microphones
(2) SM57 Microphones
(7) Shure Wireless Headset Microphones


(14) Par 64 LED Theatrical Lights
(4) Sound Activated Multi-Color Stage Effect Lights
(2) Black Light Effect Lights
(2) Multi Effect Eliminator Effect Lights
(1) Multi Scene Light Controller
(2) Chauvet Gobo Projectors

Projectors - Screens

(1) In Focus Projector
(2) 6' x 8' Projection Screens
(4) 5000 Lumen Projectors

Video Monitors

(2) Samsung 21 inch HD Video Monitors w/stands

Power Conditioning

(3) Furman Power Conditioners

Effects Processors

(1) T.C. Voice Live
(1) T.C. Pitch Correct
(1) T.C. Create
(1) Alesis Midiverb
(1) Yamaha SPX 1000


(3) Alesis Dual Channel Compressors
(1) T.C. Dual Channel Adaptive Compressors


(1) Alesis Dual Channel 32 band Parametric Equalizer

computer gear

(3) Toshiba Satellite A305 Laptops - Loaded with DJ Programs (PCDJ, Just Karaoke, Sports and Pro Plus) 500GB hard Drive for DJ and 1TB Hard Drive for Karaoke - Each Computer has an AV Convertor and a Gig-A-Port External Sound Card
(1) Asus 17 inch Laptop Loaded Like the Toshiba's
(4) 5TB Hard Drives Loaded withMusic From the 1920's to 2019. All the Latest Dance Tracks, edited Hip Hop, Country, Oldie's Rock and Ethnic Music. Updated Monthly
(1) 5TB Karaoke Hard Drive Loaded with over 167,000 Tracks of all Types and Genres.

DJ Work Stations

(3) DJ Work Stations Consisting of Duel CD Players, Four Channel Mixer and Mic Input all Mounted in an Anvil Case

Signal Snakes - Cords

(2) 150 FT. 12 Channel Four Send Signal Snakes
(1) 100 FT. 16 Channel Four Send Signal Snake
(3) 6 FT. Six Channel-Line Insert Signal Snakes
(6) 100 FT. Mic Cables
(5) 20 FT. Mic Cables

Stands - Trusses

(8) Crank Type Adjustable Speaker Stands
(6) Adjustable 6 FT. Speaker Stands
(8) 10 FT. Sections of Lighting Truss

Backline Gear

(1) 60W Fender Blues DeVille 4x10 Amp
(1) 60W Fender Blues DeVille Re-Issue 4x10 Amp
(1) 200W SWR Working Mans Bass Amp w/direct out
(1) Sonar Force 5 Piece Drum Kit

Tables - Coverings

(7) 3' x 6' Tables
(7) 8' x 8' Table Cloths


(14) Anvil Flight Cases for mixing boards and amps
(14) Rubbermaid Storage Containers


(1) 17 FT. Pace Journey Equipment Trailer
(1)18 FT. Attitude Toy Hauler
(1) Ford FX4 Full Wheel Drive Crew Cab

Professional Products

The Best

“Creating live sound is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

- Mark Carpenter